EasyPark is market leader within Mobile paid parking in the Nordics and we are now aiming for Europe, with coverage in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain, Italy. We have since September started up in the Dutch market and are ready to challenge the existing market leaders which to mention few are Yellowbrick, ParkLine and ParkMobile.


We believe we have a big chance to grow in the dutch market since we have some key differentiators which we bring to market. Our app works already in over 80 cities and we are working on additional 50 cities which are to come very soon.


Today I work as a Process Driver for our Customer Care segment. Service is definitely one of my absolute strengths. In my role I work with different topics such as, service improvements, train the trainer, and I run different type of project any given time. At the moment i'm running two bigger projects which is a Communication project and an on-boarding project which we are rolling out in all our markets. In addition to my group responsibility I also work in facilitating the implementation of the dutch market.


More information about EasyPark: http://easyparkgroup.com/ or https://easyparknederland.nl/


David Lopez