European Institute of Energymedicine

The European Institute of Energymedicine is a research infomation and therapy plattform for medical and therapeutic treatment technics.


We work on DNA Influences with Elecromagnetic Waves , Frequencies , Fields
and the Molecular Structures of Water.
Our special Offer for Companies: 

- Bioenergetic Microscopic analysis for Food & Drink Products
- Consulting and Support in the Industrial Heath-care & Therapy
- Industrial Electromagnetic analysis of Rooms and Houses.
- Products and Concepts for Short and Effective results.
- Consulting / Seminars / Workshops about Energy-medicine and Healthy Methods.
- Group therapy and Social Care in Companies
- Sales / Distribution of Bio-energy medicine Products / Devices 

Our special offer for consumer: 

- Bio-energetic Analysis for Blood and Cell Activities
- Treatments with Energy medicine techniques
- Therapy and continued training events and workshops
- Online-shop / Distribution / Rent a Therapy Device 


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