Sojourner Assay

Hi I’m Jerry Everett. I’m a Canadian who recently moved here to Nijmegen with my wife Martie, a South African who has been living in Denmark for the last five years.

I’m an entrepreneur, engineer and executive. A little more than ten years ago I founded OnConference — a conference calling and web conferencing service provider. Together with my co-founder, we grew it from a startup to an established company with $1.85 million in revenue, over 4000 customers located in 70+ countries. A year ago I sold the company to my co-founder, so I could move on to something new. That new venture is called Sojourner Assay, where I’m exploring several early-stage projects in telecommunications and e-commerce. I’m very happy to join Start Up Nijmegen and look forward to learning Dutch!


Jerry Everett


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