Online workshop: Essential, professional Skills: meetings

Ever wondered why organizations sometimes choose to ask people with natural language proficiency in English (formerly known as ‘native speakers’ but now including everyone else with excellent proficiency in English in line with the Common European Framework of Reference) to mediate meetings with clients that are based in English speaking countries so as to prevent communicative breakdown from happening? Or why awkward silences occur during meetings?


As many young entrepreneurs run their business solo, or may be part of a team in a start-up, they may not have huge budgets to hire such help to prevent them from not getting that international account due to communicative breakdown including misunderstandings. You may also be somewhat over-confident in your professional language abilities, which may prevent you from getting that international account as well because you may decide to ‘wing’ it as you don’t quite know what will be expected of you and what is perceived ‘professional conduct’ and what is not. To prevent all of such inconveniences, we can help you navigate conventions of meetings so as to set you up for success.


As a business owner and entrepreneur, you may have to partake in meetings or organize them yourself at some point. In such meetings, native speakers (now known as natural language users of English) will be partaking as well, who will have certain expectations about the way in which meetings are held. What you need to know as a Dutchy, for example, is what the differences in conventions are, how to navigate them while demonstrating cultural sensitivity and awareness.

So, do you want to be able to communicate more effectively in English in high-stakes meetings, especially when communicating with English-speaking clients or prospects? Want to experience the differences in conventions? Take a workshop here at Start-up Nijmegen.


This workshop will, therefore, focus on:

  • Meeting-relating documents and how to compose them;
  • Conducting meetings (meeting simulations) #BusinessEnglish
  • Intercultural differences between the Netherlands and English-speaking countries to help you navigate them.


Technical requirements:

You will need a sufficiently fast internet connection (fibre-optic, ADSL or cable with at least 20Mbit/s) as well as a computer with good video and audio equipment. To practise your speaking, a webcam and a microphone are required. Your instructor will send a meeting link to the virtual classroom.


About the founder and owner of LSA LINGUA [a friend of Start-up Nijmegen]

With over six years of experience in the field of foreign/second language training, instructor Léonieke Ariaans has trained a few thousand participants of businesses, universities and universities of applied sciences throughout the Netherlands. Driven by the belief that everyone should have access to high-quality communication training, Léonieke sets out to ensure that such services are also available to students and young professionals.


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